House Rules

1. For a player to use WotC or Goodman Games published content for his character, some one at the table must own a physical copy of the book containing said content.

2. Dragon Magazine and any other third-party content is not permitted unless expressly consented by the DM.

3. The first time a player is unable to make it to a game session and no reschedule is possible, his character will receive 75% XP and be played by another player at the table. In this manner, an “absentee” player automatically succeeds any death saving throws and cannot be killed (unless extreme circumstances (read: DM caveat) are present). All subsequent absences result in 50% XP for said player.

4. Bonus XP can be yielded by submitting “extracurricular” game content—illustrations, write-ups, maps, etc. This XP will be awarded on a monthly basis.

5. NEW BOOKS: If a player purchases a new splat book (Arcane Power, FR Player’s Guide, etc.) he may retrain one power or feat from that book for free. All other retraining must occur when the PC levels up as normal.

House Rules

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