Tag: Gangster


  • Aloisius Pygmalion

    Aloisius is the leader of the Flying Pygmalion gang in Smoke, Punjar--a crime organization known for their husbandry of winged mounts. He can often be found in the "Sweet Shop", a tavern in Smoke with a host of pleasure-slaves. He has a large wart on …

  • Skinny Roger

    Skinny Rodger is an unpleasant teenager with multiple employers, one being the Dragonne (city of Punjars local guard), the other being the Shadow Cabinet (local Thieves Guild faction). He is often able to lead people to hard to reach information... for a …

  • Broha

    An enigmatic and powerful member of the Shadow Cabinet (Rogue's guild) in Punjar. Broha is a rakshasa and has been known to frequent a secret back room of the Silent Maid tavern in Smoke.