Vellen Tîwele

A tall, lithe eladrin with pale hair falling just passed his shoulders, skin tone to match. Vellen doesn't appear to be physically intimidating but it is clear he is quite nimble and adept with a small blade.


Male Eladrin Artful Dodger Rogue, Daggermaster

Unaligned, Member of Smoke’s Flame in Punjar

Str 13(+1) Con 14(+2) Dex 22(+6) Int 11(+0) Wis 11(+0) Cha 17(+3)

Hit Points: 81, Bloodied: 40, Healing Surge Value: 20, Healing Surges: 8

Armor Class: 28

Fort: 21, Reflex: 26, Will: 22

Attack Bonus: +20 w/ Thundergod Dagger+3. +23 w/ Combat Advantage. +5 for Lvl, +6 for Dex, +1 for Rogue Weapon Talent, +3 for Proficiency, +3 for Enchantment, & +1 for Weapon Expertise. W/ Combat Advantage +2 for CA and +1 for Nimble Blade Feat. +24 while charging with Fey Step (due to the feat Fey Charge and gaining CA w/ Fey Gambit).

Damage: 1d4+11 (6 Dex, 3 enchant, 2 iron armbands of power), w/ CA 1d4+3d8+11 (w/ Sneak Attack once a round).

Skills Trained: Acrobatics, Athletics, Bluff, Diplomacy, Endurance, Perception, Stealth, and Thievery (Diplomacy is a bonus from race, Endurance is from Fighter MC).

Racial and Class Features: Low-Light Vision, +2 Arcana and History, Gain an extra skill training, Proficiency with the Long Sword, +1 to Will Defense, +5 on saves vs. Charm effects, Fey Origin, Trance (four hours of attentive meditation equates the same thing as an extended rest), First Strike, Rogue Tactics: Artful Dodger (gain Cha modifier to Armor Class vs. A.O.O.’s), Rogue Weapon Talent (+1 to attacks with Daggers and Shuriken do damage die increases by one size), Sneak Attack +3d8,

Daggermaster Paragon Path Features: Daggermaster’s Action: You can spend an action point to reroll one attack roll or damage roll you made using a dagger, instead of taking an extra action. Dagger Precision: You can score critical hits with daggers on a roll of 18-20.

Feats: Backstabber(1st), Student of the Sword(2nd, retrained at 12th), Hide Armor Proficiency(4th, retrained at 11th), Melee Training(Dex, 6th), Weapon Expertise(Light Blades,8th), Nimble Blade(10th), Fey Gambit(11th), Fey Charge (12th),

At-Will Powers: Piercing Strike (pg 118 PHB) and Sly Flourish (pg 118 PHB)

Encounter Powers: Fey-Step (Racial,pg 38 PHB), Fox’s Gambit (pg 73 MP), Low Slash (pg 76 MP), From The Shadows (pg 78 MP), Critical Opportunity (pg 127 PHB)

Daily Powers: Blinding Barrage(pg 119 PHB), Walking Wounded(pg 120 PHB), Knockout (pg 121 PHG)

Utility Powers: Fleeting Ghost(pg 119 PHB), Vexing Flanker(pg 77 MP), Combat Tumbleset (pg 79 MP), Meditation of the Blade (pg 127 PHB),

Equipment of note and equipped:

Feytouched Earthhide Hide Armor+3: The hardened and cured hides making up this suit of armor are all from magical beasts native to the Feywild. The extremely fine craftsmanship of this suit of armor improves the reflexes of the one who wears it. (Property: Gain an item bonus to initiative checks equal to the armor’s enhancement bonus. Power: Encounter Illusion, Standard Action, you become invisible until the end of your next turn. Pg 152 Manual of the Planes)

Spiderward Circlet:

Assault Boots: A pair of sturdy leather boots, complete with plated protective metal. (Property: When you score a critical hit with a melee weapon, your target is knocked prone. Pg 125 Adventurer’s Vault)

Hedge Wizards Gloves: Leather gloves that appear to have been crafted from numerous smaller pieces of materials, not quite matching. (At-Will Powers: Mage Hand and Prestidigitation. Pg. 135 Adventurer’s Vault)

Cloak of Translocation +3: Shuffling about silently as if a faint wind was always trapped within it’s folds, this thin dark cloak seems to almost have a dark metallic sheen to it. (Property: Gain a +2 to AC and Reflex until the end of your next turn when you use a power with the Teleportation keyword. Encounter Power, Minor Action: Recharge the use of an encounter teleportation power already expended in this encounter.)

Thundergod Dagger +3: A surprisingly long bladed dagger, it’s blade is wide and sturdy, seemingly crafted for great impacts. The crosspiece curves down to help protect the hand some and the hilt is carved in the visage of a charging horse with thundering hooves. (Critical: +1d6 thunder damage per plus, or +1d12 thunder damage per plus on a charge. Property: Your melee attacks deal +1d6 thunder damage when you charge. Page 80 Adventurer’s Vault)

Incisive Dagger +2: The blade of this weapon is covered in runes and the metal itself it tinted a faintly dark violet. At times it seems as though the weapon blinks in and out of existence. (Critical: +1d6 damage per plus. Property: You can use this weapon as a focus when performing a travel ritual that involves creating and moving through portals. You can add the dagger’s enhancement bonus as an item bonus to any skill checks related to the ritual’s performance. Property: When you use a teleportation power, the distance you can teleport increases by a number of squares equal to the dagger’s enhancement bonus. Daily Minor Action: Teleport 5 squares.)

“Felis” Duelist’s Dagger +1: The slender poniard is sharpened to a needle’s point, and glints softly in the shadow. The scarred crosspiece is forged in the shape of two cat’s claws, and the pommel is wrapped in leather, blackened from years of use. The weapon sits with an easy weight in ones hand, eager to spring the attack or defense. (Critial: +1d6 damage per plus, or 1d8 damage per plus if you have combat advantage. Daily Power, Minor Action: You have combat advantage against the next creature you attack with this weapon on this turn. Special Property: When wielded alongside Whisker, Felis grants a +2 bonus to the wielder’s AC. From Sellswords of Punjar and most info found on Pg.234 PHB)

“Whisker” Thoughtstealer Dagger +2: (Critical: +1d6 psychic damage per plus. Daily Power, Free Action: Use this power when you hit with the weapon. Make a secondary attack vs target’s Will. Attack bonus is equal to the level of this weapon plus enchantment bonus. If it hits, learn the answer to a question that can be answered w/ a “yes” or “no” that subject knows. Pg 80 Adventurer’s Vault)

Zain-Kin Statue: A small statue of an ape-like humanoid in a victorious stance. (Daily Power, Free Action: Spend a Healing Surge and take that HP from a target within sight determined randomly, from Sellswords of Punjar by Goodman Games)

Baldric of Tactical Positioning: This belt is crafted from the skins of a displacer beasts tentacles, as this is often a component in items that enable movement or illusionary themed effects. Adorned with a large black star sapphire, skillfully cut en cabochon, to demonstrate a cat’s eye effect. The effect displays a thin band of light down the center of the stone and is known as chatoyancy. No obvious buckle is prominent. (Encounter Power, Minor Action: Choose one adjacent square to you. That square counts as an ally for the purpose of flanking until the end of your next turn. Pg. 163 MP)

Iron Armbands of Power (heroic): A cold iron plate armband backed with supple leather, easily half ones forearm in width, enhance the pain one doles out in melee. (Property: Gain a +2 item bonus to melee damage rolls)

Other Equipment, mundane and such: Backpack (Bedroll, flint and steel, journal, water skin, trail rations x8, chalk x3, leather working tools, 100’ silk rope and grappling hook, masterwork thieves tools, mother’s diary, seafoam colored nobles outfit for Punjar, and the Beggar-Kings Master Key), Skeletal Phantom Dragon Mask, five Gravespawn Potions (Pg 187 AV), two Nails of Sealing (Pg 191 AV), Copper Tube of Phoenix Feathers x9 (from Sellswords of Punjar by Goodman Games), his mothers signet ring, an emerald ring(from crone in Curse of the King Spire), Elixir of Invisibility, two doses of Mushroom Poison, one dose of Deathstinger poison, Bag of Holding, Cloak of Malison +2, Thieving Dagger +2, and the Spiderward Circlet (A thin silver crown with eight short spindly “legs” jutting upward from around it in a somewhat curled inward fashion depicting the legs of a dead spider. In the front of the crown, eight rubies have been inset depicting the eyes of the arachnid. Resist 5 Poison, Deal 5 Force Damage to any Arachnid within two squares of wearer. Goodman Games adventure).

Astral Diamond: 0, Platinum: 0, Gold: 4132, Silver: 16, Copper: 46


Vellen was brought to the mainland as his mother fled an abusive husband while pregnant. Gaining access to a device that greatly increased her innate Fey Step ability enabling her to make it off the floating island city of the Eladrin, often referred to as the Dreaming City. Once on the mainland she found shelter in a small human village. A few months later she gave birth to a son she named Vellen. He was raised in that village for just over a decade until the village fell victim to an assault by marauding lizard folk from the swamps to the Northwest. Fleeing the village with his, now gravely wounded, mother and a young wed locked human couple Vellen traveled south with what small provisions they managed to bring in search of the nearest known settlement. Vellen’s mother never finished that journey, becoming quite ill due to an infection that had taken deep root within her wound. The couple they had fled with swore to keep him as their own. Eventually the trio reached civilization. He stayed with them for a little over twelve years and grew to love them as his own family. They also had a daughter a short year after arriving to safety which he quickly took under his wing as his own flesh, blood, and sister. Upon leaving his make-shift family they presented him with his mothers family signet ring and diary she had kept previous to their freedom from his father. Reading it during his travels he learned of his father, the things his mother endured living with him, the Eladrin society on their city-ship, and that he was the second offspring his father had sired with his mother, his older brother Laithren first, whom he’d never met. He also learned of his father’s obsession with creating a family based “empire” in the city, which has instilled a fear and curiosity in him that his father may seek him out. There is a small portion of his being that longs to see the grand spires and architecture of his homeland. He wants nothing to do with his father if he’s ever to travel to that glimmering city. Vellen has since been traveling the bordering region for awhile and has taken refuge in a city known as Punjar for the passed few years. It is here that he’s learned the traits of a rogue, for this city rewards that lifestyle… and Vellen is by no means an exception to this rule. He’s kept in contact with his family and they have recently relocated to Punjar as well, setting up a leather working shop where Vellen often spends his days helping and learning the trade.

Description; Vellen is tall for his race, reaching the height of six foot one inch by the early stages of adulthood. He is slender but athletic in build, lacking much brute strength but making up for it in nimble, almost feline movement. Much of his physical activities take on an appearance of well planned, practiced, and rehearsed perfection. Not always the case, it is just an example of his dedication to being balanced and composed. Often dressed in his well used, but greatly cared for set of leather armor (he personally made this suit as he is an apprentice with a leather worker in the city of Punjar) and never far from a pair of identical daggers he had found in his travels (ornate but mundane). He is very open minded and polite with the ability to come across almost brutally honest at times. He wears his hair long, reaching just passed his shoulders but often pulled up to stay out of his eyes while working. It is the color of pristine snow, straight, and healthy but fine. His skin color nearly matches that of his hair with a slight tint of blue in places that would normally turn pinkish if one were out in the cold too long. Vellen’s eyes are a piercing cobalt with flecks of gold throughout. He prefers to dress in dark natural colors, shades of blues, and neatly (albeit plainly and practical). His attire is often clean but he understand that becoming messy at times is a must and relishes traveling at which point he is just at home with the dust and grime of the road clinging to his person. He lives in a small room that he rents and works with a human that runs a leather shop where he makes a modest living. He enjoys spending many nights prowling around the town, breaking and entering, and doing most of the typical “rogue-ish” trade, not so much for profit as for the sport and thrill of it.

Vellen Tîwele

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