Smoke's Flame, Treasury

Any loose items or gear not currently being used by any of the PC's. Mostly this gear will be turned into coin or equivelent to upgrade our current items or create new ones.


I will try to list where the item was found and who might be lugging it around (not being used, but it has to be SOMEWHERE). This will help determine what happens if, say, one person falls down a chasm and is gone forever, well, what loot did we loose w/ them?


Wand +1 (two of these, Sellswords and Dragora’s i think, Grieve)

Dagger +1 (blue tinted from the rat shrine first adventure, Vellen)

Frost Short Sword +1 (Dragora’s Dungeon, off a Zain-Kin inside the Ziggurat, Vellen)

Helm of the Dread Lord (Dragora’s Dungeon, ancient Eladrin’s Tomb below city, Grieve)

Skeletal Dragon Phantom Mask (From Zezrakan’s Tomb, artifact and cursed somewhat, Vellen or Grieve)

Smoke's Flame, Treasury

Smoke's Flame--Adventures in Punjar Vellen