Ajrash the Wise and Knowledgable

A Dragonborn Invoker with a destiny greater than he could possibly imagine.


Male Dragonborn Preserving Invoker

Unaligned, Member of Smoke’s Flame in Punjar, Member of the Temple of Ioun in Timberfield

Str 10(+0) Con 13(+1) Dex 10(+0) Int 18(+4) Wis 18(+4) Cha 13(+1)

Hit Points: 55, Bloodied: 27, Healing Surge Value: 15, Healing Surges: 7

Armor Class: 23

Fort: 19, Reflex: 22, Will: 22

Attack Bonus: +11 (+4 for Lvl, +4 for Int, +1 for Implement Expertise, +2 Defensive Staff)

Damage: +6 (+4 for Int, +2 for Enhancement)

Skills Trained: Arcana, History, Insight, Perception, Religion, and gain +2 to all other skills (Jack of All Trades)

Feats: Ritual Caster (Class), Dragonborn Senses (1st), Jack of all Trades (2nd), Linguist (4th), Implement Expertise (Staff) (6th), Skill Training (Perception) (8th)

At-Will Powers: Vanguard’s Lightning(pg 103 PHB2) and Sun Strike(pg 103 PHB2)

Encounter Powers: Dragon Breath(Racial,pg 32 PHB), Channel Divinity: Rebuke Undead(pg 103 PHB2), Channel Divinity: Preserver’s Rebuke(pg 103 PHB2), Blades of Astral Fire(pg 103 PHB2), Sun Hammer(pg 105 PHB2), Thunderbolt of the Heavens (pg 107 PHB2)

Daily Powers: Angelic Echelon(pg 104 PHB2), Searing Orb(pg 106 PHB2), Fourfold Invocation of Doom(pg 107 PHB2)

Utility Powers: Wall of Light(pg 105 PHB2), Astral Step(pg 106 PHB2)


Magic: Rebuking Finemail +2, Defensive Staff +2, Bracers of Bold Maneuvering, Gauntlets of the Ram, Goggles of the Bone Collector, Brooch of Shield +2, Belt of Vigor

Mundane: Backpack (Bedroll, flint and steel, journal, “Groundings of the Ethos of Man and Beast” by Kael Tenimanum, “The Entanglement of Intuition and Expectation in the Mind” by Quindorm ir’Waellnav, “The Plight of the Punjar Slave” by Rax’l Ramka, “Contemplation on the Nature of the Mind” by Desarn Creetes, “A Discourse Regarding the Intelligence of the Common Races” by Olech Jonk, “On the Origin of Integrity” by Reftich ir’Schindez, and the “Memoirs of Sir Gerrin” by Sir Arvin Gerrin, Crusader)

Rituals: Hand of Fate, Comprehend Language, Call Wilderness Guide, Create Campsite, Phantom Steed, Raise Dead, Remove, Affliction, Sending, Magic Circle, Knock

Wealth: 1933gp, 5sp, 7cp


Born to a family of no significance, Ajrash was gifted with a natural talent of photographic memory. His family, knowing they could not satisfy his intense curiosity nor his aptitude in reading left him in the care of the priests and scribes of Ioun at the age of 3. By the age of 15, he accumulated much of the knowledge within the temple’s libraries. He also showed signs of being blessed with the power of Ioun. By 20 he became the head priest’s right-hand man. About a month ago, he started having dreams of a group of individuals who would bring light or darkness to the world emerging from the flames and smoke of Punjar. He has tracked down the party at last, only to have them and himself sucked into the time loop of Kingspire Castle!

Ajrash the Wise and Knowledgable

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