Marcus Urrek

Born and bred in Smoke, Marcus is a man trying to change the neighborhood instead of flee it.


STR-19 CON-15 DEX-13 INT-8 WIS-14 CHA-10

AC-23 FORT-22 REF-18 WIL-18

ATK+12 DAM+9 HP-60 SRG-11

Inescapeable Great Axe+2, Dwarven Scale +2, Am. of Health +2, TOPHAT of Authority!

Owner of a longboat(20ft.): “Check your Bobber” Housed @ Seagull Dock.


Goal: to clean up Smoke.

Marcus Urrek was born in Punjar, and most likely he will die there.

One of the few “Smokes” to have ever climbed out of the suck of its squalor to make something of himself, Marcus is somewhat of a neighborhood celebrity.  The son of a woodworker and carpenter on Ratcatcher Row, Marcus used his physical stature and the knowledge his father gave him of the axe to become the most feared Tough in Smoke.  Imposingly large, more thick than muscled, Marcus is a good quarter larger than the average human.  As a teen, he was a notorious arm wrestler and bare-knuckle fighter to the point where ambitious Dragonne soldiers, ever on the lookout for a challenge, would venture into the square behind The Silent Maid Tavern for an evening to test their mettle against the notorious young man in hand to hand combat.  Marcus won many more fights than he lost, and caught the eye of a young Captain- Jidair Zidane.
When his father was disemboweled during a robbery after one of Marcus’ larger rakes, Jidair took the young man as his Apprentice even though only a few years separated the two.  Selling the shop, Jidair bought Marcus a room in Punjar proper and all the gear he would need to become a Dragonne.  In only five years time, Marcus and his Greataxe was Jidair’s highest ranking Lieutenant, fiercest fighter, and most trusted advisor. Jidair and Marcus quickly became the most effective and sought after Dragonne when a job needed to get done.
The two were inseparable in negotiations and Jidair was increasingly unrelenting in his demand that Marcus be squad commander in any mission that involved his troops.  General Ngata (character for Brad) had slated his cousin Jidair and Marcus as his Commanders, but when Marcus was rumored to be living in Jidair’s quarters, the Dragonet brass instantly nulled Marcus’ rank- effectively throwing him out of the Dragonne.  Jidair was demoted to Captain of the Plague Gate and left to rot there as a favor to General Ngata.
After throwing out the current occupants, Marcus now lives in his father’s old shop on Ratcatcher’s Row where he does the odd carpentry job and sells alchemical substances and hallucinogens under the table that he’s stolen from other dealers.  Now thirty, and haggard in appearance, he spends his nights drinking at The Silent Maid where his past echoes in the whispers of the patrons who remember him from the days of his youth.  Old Finris the Blind reserves him a booth in the corner, and though they might whisper, even the hardiest of cutthroats leave him be.  Once the pride of Smoke, a warrior renown, his name these days only passes on the lips of elders, as an example that even the strongest of its residents never escape the claws of Smoke.
That is... until he feel the impulse to become a hero of Smoke's Flame and rid this city of it's foul pestilance!

Marcus Urrek

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