Narap Seonag

"You KNOW this Cerys!"


Narap is a well-to-do arcanist in Punjar and a family friend of the Ven’shir family. He resides in a tower with his adventurer hireling, Cerys. He enjoys arcane experiments, eldritch secrets, and exotic magic-infused gourmet. His slim well-groomed mustache is always well maintained and he looks to be in his mid-fifties.


Recently passed away during an attack on his tower caused by his recently acquired Black Pearl and more importantly his bragging of said item. In his will he left our adventurer’s four 8th Level Magic Items (to be chosen by each player) 3200gp worth of gems and art objects (800g each player) and eight doses of absinthe-infused healing potions in a flagon. Quite the respectable patron, even if his laugh was similar to that of Vincent Price.

Narap Seonag

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