• Ajrash the Wise and Knowledgable

    Ajrash the Wise and Knowledgable

    A Dragonborn Invoker with a destiny greater than he could possibly imagine.
  • Cain the Cunning

    Cain the Cunning

    Cain is a tall, slender man with sandy blonde hair and piercing grey eyes. He wears fine clothing, and plays a lute skillfully albiet idly.
  • Marcus Urrek

    Marcus Urrek

    Born and bred in Smoke, Marcus is a man trying to change the neighborhood instead of flee it.
  • Smoke's Flame, Treasury

    Smoke's Flame, Treasury

    Any loose items or gear not currently being used by any of the PC's. Mostly this gear will be turned into coin or equivelent to upgrade our current items or create new ones.
  • Vellen Tîwele

    Vellen Tîwele

    A tall, lithe eladrin with pale hair falling just passed his shoulders, skin tone to match. Vellen doesn't appear to be physically intimidating but it is clear he is quite nimble and adept with a small blade.