Smoke's Flame--Adventures in Punjar

The matter of Laithren Ti'Wele

On the topic of Laithren, Vellen finds himself rather perplexed by his older brother. He has known of his existence for many decades due to reading his mother’s diary after her death, but she had never mentioned him. Laithren obviously seems to express fondness for their father, but his mother only warned never to trust that vile hearted fey. Perhaps Laithren’s trust is due to his limited exposure to their mother. What was different between he and his brother? Why was it that she never had the strength to leave until she had become pregnant with him? Was there something different between he and his kin that she was able to sense and draw from? Whatever the answers, Vellen is determined to decipher the happenings with his brother. What they were doing in the lost swamps of the Zain-Kin at that Serpentine Shrine. If there is any way to sway his brother from his cause and all it’s bloodshed. It was a very humbling situation for Vellen to be in. So close to this part of his life and it’s possible answers yet unable to do anything but watch his brother escape despite his best efforts. It was a very grueling battle they had waged, and that was very much so without their enemies aid from Laithren or his sorceress partner. He fears having to cross blades with him again. Time can only tell what there is to expect in the future, but Vellen doesn’t expect this is the last time Smoke’s Flame has seen Laithren and his ilk.



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