Smoke's Flame--Adventures in Punjar

The Feywild.. or at least a portion of it.

The portal had deposited the five adventurer’s in a vast cavern. Now a few of Smoke’s Flame had been subjected to vast caverns on previous missions (especially Marcus Urrek) but this one took the cake. It was so spacious that if it weren’t for the stalagmites and stalactites and glowing fungus they would have believed themselves to be outdoors. Once their eyes had adjusted to the dim purple light they took in more of the details around them. Every so often there would be a jet of fire shooting into the air. It was with it’s illumination that Smoke’s Flame were able to spot a trio of injured creatures heading toward them. They could make out that one of them was a gnome and the other two were drow and they seemed to be cautiously moving away from the location of that flame. Our heroes, no fools to the reputations of drow, stealthily made their way to encircle this trio and interrogate them. They did this with easy and speed. Smoke’s Flame were able to glean that they were indeed in Mag Daluer and apparently there was a grand hunt taking place, hence the reason these three were currently wounded. Before we could ask who was hunting them, we saw it. Two large drakes breathing fire came up onto a jagged hill followed by a large cyclopes in tow. He quickly spotted the drow and gnome, as well as Marcus Urrek, Cain the Cunning, and Ajrash the Wise and Knowledgable. Vellen Tîwele and Neither were still hiding in the event that the parlay with the injured trio had gone sour. Immediately battle broke out and soon the heroes realized there was four more cyclopes just over the hill obscured from sight. The battle was surprisingly short lived and at it’s end only Smoke’s Flame and the single gnome were left standing. They were able to learn from the gnome, who’s name was Gams, that his uncle was caught out here in this vast cavern somewhere being hunted just the same as he was. Gams pledged to help Smoke’s Flame, and Ajrash specifically, until his dying breath. Surprisingly it wasn’t long until they managed to find said uncle. At one far end of the cavern was a large exit out onto a natural balcony of sorts. At this location was a large hunting party of firbolgs who were in pursuit of a large group of gnomes and a few drow, one of which happened to be Gams uncle who knew the area. Once the firbolgs realized the adventurer’s were there to help protect their quarry an epic battle broke out. Neither was knocked through a large hole in the stone balcony by a hefty swing by one of firbolgs falling nearly 100 feet to the pits bottom. Shortly after the battle began a roc swooped in and began plucking anything within reach off the ground and dropping it to it’s death below. Once the firbolgs had been dispatched and the remaining gnomes and drow were led inside to safety the group had decided it best not to fight this roc on it’s terrain, the risk was too great on that ledge. After the roc had clearly lost interest and turned it’s attention to the food it had dropped below prior our heroes headed back out onto the cliff side and began to root through the firbolgs belongings. When they headed back into the cavern only Gams uncle and a lone drow were remaining, the rest of the group had scattered off into the wild in hopes of escaping any further hunting parties. These remaining two wished to venture with Smoke’s Flame, specifically Ajrash , ideally to safety with their protection. Of even more interest was the fact that Gams’s uncle happened to own a map he had drawn up from his ventures around the surrounding areas. With it’s aid they were able to determine which way they would need to travel in order to locate the God Forge, an immense forge with the body of a dead god burning within, this is where Smoke’s Flame was to quell the soul of an immortal demon from Neither’s blade. They learned they were to face a few trials prior to being able to enter into the chamber of the God Forge, one was a complex puzzle involving many choices of pulleys, chains, and levers complete with a cryptic message. The next was a ruined village… scattered within were many bronze statues depicting all sorts of beings. Inside one of the prominent buildings they found three bronze angel statues holding clay jars filled with liquid. In the next room was a statue with a necklace of a religious symbol of a forgotten god. Once removed from the statue there was a large crash and the door connecting this room slammed shut. Perched atop the building they were inhabiting was a large copper dragon intent on slaying these intruders. A grueling conflict erupted and after chasing the flying reptile all over the area Smoke’s Flame had finally managed to deal a grievous wound to the beast and force it to submit. After conversing with the defeated dragon for a moment it flew off and the heroes were left to do as they pleased in the ruins outside of the forge. This is where our heroes remained last…



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