Smoke's Flame--Adventures in Punjar

The Fallen Faithful

Excerpt from Treatise on Faith

There are many things that can make one question the existence of the gods, if they are not so blessed as to be touched by their power. Any Punjarian who survived the cataclysm of tidal waves that struck the city during our time in the Court of the Prince of Hearts can tell you such things. [Footnote] Yet it is a more tragic affair, I believe, when a faithful person falls from grace not according to his own doubts and fears but rather from the vile actions of others. My companion, Cain the Cunning, has witnessed first-hand how such vile actions can tear a faithful man down.

Upon our return to Punjar Cain was informed of the existence of a suicide cult. A cult led by his father, the former high theist of the Raven Queen Temple. Those asking themselves how a follower of the Raven Queen could lead such a heinous organization need to know that Luthien’s mind had most likely warped from the ordeal of becoming a Vampire. It was at this point that i had made it a goal to aid him in finding his everlasting rest with his Queen.

[Footnote: It is my fear that the actions of Smoke’s Flame may have caused the cataclysm of tidal forces that devastated Punjar. As many scholars know, our prima-material plane is intrinsically linked with that of the Feywild. Our actions in our attempt to defeat an ancient evil locked within Neither’s sword caused the mystical floating island of Mag Doluer to begin falling from the sky. In the process much debris was jettisoned into the boiling sea below. This in fact may have caused the tidal forces to wreak havoc upon Punjar. If so, I feel we can never make it up to the citizens of the devastated city…]


Moral of the story, don’t touch cursed blades kiddies. Save up a few thousand gold and buy your ideal weapon and save the lives of thousands in a city. And as a bonus, you don’t have to worry about being attacked by a member of your group because their bloodlust flows into their daily actions, not just the battle grounds.

The Fallen Faithful

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