Smoke's Flame--Adventures in Punjar

Lycanthropes, Kitty Cats, and Fey-Infused Horses apply within...

After the battle with the Dryad and Satyr, our heroes continued to explore further down the mine. It wasn’t long before Vellen and Neither had spotted movement ahead, while they took the lead as to ensure their chances of moving stealthily. Vellen secretly made his way to the opposite side of a large boulder where they had last saw this movement. From here he was able to spy a nasty creature adorned with a crusty red cap and a wick looking blade, awaiting his comrades as they approached. Vellen skillfully darted around the rock silently sticking his dagger into the small creatures throat silencing him before he could raise an alarm. Cleaning his blade he motioned for the rest of the group to join him and they continued on. They reached a rather large opening leading into a room covered in odd moss and littered with more of the foul Red Caps. Among these nasty fey was an extremely odd house cat the size of a person and a frolicking green steed prancing around and naying. Up a small cliff the group could see a human in the throes of anguish. Lastly, a large portal was seen in one corner of the room, with a few of the Red Caps eerily dancing around it. Darting in quickly, Smoke’s Flame brought battle to these vicious creatures. As the battle raged the portal was able to summon in more Red Caps and the tortured human managed to afflict Vellen with Lycanthropy. All foes were slain aside from the human who had bit Vellen, as he was not in his right mind. Turned out this man was Haledon who the group had come in search of. Haledon offered up information about the witch he had been dealing with. His life was spared but Haledon was so stricken with guilt that he wandered into the tunnels alone, armed with a silvered short sword, to end his existence for fear of causing more havoc. Smoke’s Flame back tracked toward the compound of the Verdant Lords, there they explained what had taken place and were able to stay and rest within their mines. The next day the Verdant Lords gave Smoke’s Flame the same wagon they used to transport corpses to the Witch who was living out at a windmill on the cliffs overlooking the sea. It was decided that all but Cain would lay in the wagon under blanket to play the role of fresh corpses and he would lead the wagon to the windmill. Cain was stopped by a small group of Dragonne and forced to pay a small bribe (thanks to his cunning use of his quick wit and sly tongue, this bribe was much less than originally asked of him, 15gp vs. 55gp)and the group was able to make it to the windmill shortly after that. At the windmill Cain was once again stopped by a large lumbering beast of a form in robes. It was here that Cain gave the secret knock that had been determined prior to the trek and all within the wagon sprang to battle! The troll, as it turned out, was prepared and had his own tricks up his sleeves. The large scarecrows that had been spied on their way to the windmill animated and randomly around the field of battle corpses half dug themselves out of the ground and lashed out at anyone near them. It was a tough and grim battle, much like the last one in the mines, and many of our heroes nearly met their end. This is where the session ended this night, with our heroes victorious, but barely. Outside the Windmill… having spied a white haired women in the top window of the mill, watching the battle. DUN, DUN, DUUUUUNNNNN!



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