Smoke's Flame--Adventures in Punjar

Love, Family, and Betrayal

It was an eventful time for Smoke’s Flame upon their return to the city of Punjar. After rescuing that rapscallion – Elam Ven’Shir – from the clutches of a suicide cult, they went about restoring order to the devastated city. Reviewing the entries of Ajrash’s journals written during that time there are many entries on the encounters the noble sell-swords engaged in order to regain some semblance of peace within the city. These encounters ranged from the tense to the ridiculous. He writes of their encounter with Jidair the commander of the Dragonne:

“Upon approaching the camp of the Dragonne, Marcus showed a heretofore unseen timidness in his step. A timidness that was quickly subsided in order to gain us entry into the camp with heated words and begrudging respect. Though the timidness return despite an overwhelming anger upon our encounter with a large mohawked Eladrin with a penchant for onions. With an exchange of whispered words we were allowed entry into Jidair’s pompously extravagant quarters. Despite garnering an agreement to aid the city, Marcus left that tent in pain…”

As for their encounter with a character known as the “Naked Pirate”, he has only this to write:

“One of the most ostensibly flamboyant people I know is Marcus Urrek. However there was a chap this afternoon who could easily give him a run for his money. With no accoutrement, no garments of any kind, the leader of the River Rats gave off a more grandiose first impression of any man alive. He could not however meet the flamboyant attitude of Marcus.”

Finally, on the same day Ajrash has a very brief entry about their encounter with Demons and Eladrin:

“Marcus has slewed the Eladrin who has stolen the affections of his Jidair. Vellen was briefly reunited with his brother, who sets out in opposition to ourselves. Yet, I fear most of all for my sanity. For my mind has stared into the Abyss, called out my true name, and caused some powerful denizen to tremble. Yet, I feel no pride for my presence, no fear for my safety, and detriment for my experience… only sadness for my comrades.”



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