Smoke's Flame--Adventures in Punjar

"Revenge of the Giants" pt. 1

Per the urgings of Neither’s sword and the visions of Ajrash, Smoke’s Flame journeyed into the wilderness to find “Spectacle Rock,” a local landmark and source of legend. There, they discovered a Taurian, Rrowthar, being attacked by a group of elementals. He was rescued and subsequently urged the heroes to travel with him to Argent to meet his master, Obanar.

Upon teleporting to Argent, the city was attacked by a raiding party of giants and elementals. Smoke’s Flame aided Obanar and Rrowthar in defending the city. Unfortunately, the eye-patched Eladrin mage Breven Foss escaped with a stolen piece of a “divine engine,” a device used to imprison Piranoth, a powerful primordial.

Obanar explained that for thousands of years, the nations of the world have sent heroes to defend Argent, a city on the edge of the Elemental Chaos. These heroes don Silver Capes and serve as a sort of “justice league” to the natural world. Obanar urged the heroes to take up the cause of the Silver Capes, as scores of Giants are poised to conquer the cities of man.

Obanar explains three courses of action and gives the heroes a choice as to how to proceed. They may: Search out the taurians to re-populate and defend the magical city of Argent; research “sky metal” so that Obanar may craft a powerful set of items for the heroes; or to research the nature of this “divine engine” and locate where the other pieces may be found.



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