Smoke's Flame--Adventures in Punjar

Feywild Mushroom Wine will take your mind to different planes, or Vellen's Dreaming Muse

During the week of party and festivities that Vellen spent in the presence of the epitome of his kin, especially Corsair the Prince of Hearts, he began to feel things within himself changing. Emotions running more strongly, the thrill of life that much more lustfully tugging at his being. He felt a freedom never before experienced. More than a few of those evenings were spent dreaming of his mother. The setting of the dream wasn’t always the same but the words she said were, and her words struck true. This is what she said, “Vellen, my son, I’ve always been ruled by my heart. It should come as no surprise, then, that in this area the veil between us… our worlds… is at it’s thinnest. All the choices I’ve made in my life were fueled by love. I spent so many years with your father, living a battered life as nearly his slave, because of my love of the man I had met. Not the vile shadow of himself that he’d become. It wasn’t until I had became pregnant with you that I had the courage to flee for I now had a stronger love, my love for you. For my child. I stole away with the aid of an ancient magic that allowed me to use our blessing from Corellon. It is that innate freedom that burns within you. It was my love that allowed me to free us, but it was because of you. You are free from the reigns of your father and it is prudent that you continue to cultivate that. Embrace what our kind has been blessed with, bend it to your will and no shackles shall be able to hold you. Remember, son, I will always love you. You gave me the strength I needed to escape your sinister father. Use that strength within you to ensure he is never set free!” It wasn’t until the battle outside the lighthouse that Vellen was made fully aware of her mothers words. The ability to teleport, and ability that all Eladrin share, was now much more readily available to Vellen than in the past. He felt himself able to push, what at one time had been very limited, to the next level. To embrace the boone Corellon blessed each Eladrin with. He truly felt free now…



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