Smoke's Flame--Adventures in Punjar

Broha's Future Life?

There was suddenly a lot for Vellen to process these past few weeks. Many dreams of his mother and their having a direct effect in his waking life. The sudden appearance of his brother Laithren whom he’d only known of through the readings of his late mother’s diary. The matters taking place in Punjar of late and Smoke’s Flames attempts at trying to sooth their city. The assassinations of many close to the group, including Magma and Broha. Although Magma had recently been raised by the group through the use of magical rituals. The idea and matters of this had been discussed at the site of Magma’s remains (as well as the site of Broha’s remains) and it was this discussion that had perked Vellen’s attention. Being no stranger to the unbridled power of the magics Correllon allows to flow into the worlds he is still somewhat in the dark to their specifics. Once hearing about the very real and available (if you’ve got the coin) means of raising one from the dead, Vellen had decided on a course of action. He slyly removed and pocketed away one of Broha’s canines for it’s possible use in the future. Having nothing against Broha personally, Vellen has taken to the idea of raising him in the event that Skinny Roger proves to be troublesome in Smoke’s Flames future. The sudden return of such a prominent figure within the Shadow Cabinet. Time will tell if this method need be put into action, but judging by his companions conversation on the topic he may need to find a means of prolonging the time he has to bring this plan to fruition, if at all. Vellen has decided to keep this plan and idea to himself, for many reasons, foremost knowing that many within his group distrust Broha due to the stereotypes and rumors when concerning oneself with Rakshasas.



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