Smoke's Flame--Adventures in Punjar

A Bat God shattered and the Golden Dreaming Door finally opened...

As the “Bat God” opened it’s eyes and looked on the heroes of Smoke’s Flame it addressed them. The exact words may have been lost in the Annals of Time but their meaning was clear. The five heroes were to each take a sliver of the Bat Gods self and become pawns of it’s will. They were to aid, even further they now realized, in the return of the dark eladrin who had been banished away from the realm they called home. As the ebony shards drifted from the Bat Gods self towards the quintuple they each lashed out and shattered their shards. At that, weapons drawn, battle unfolded. It was a long and vigorous battle consisting of vile undead assassins, a hooked horror, a helmed horror, two yaun-ti archers complete w/ dazing and poisoned arrorws, and the Bat God himself. By the point all but the Bat God and the two Yaun-ti had been defeated Vellen Tîwele, Marcus Urrek, and Cain the Cunning had fallen. Thankfully Marcus was able to come-to and Neither and Ajrash the Wise and Knowledgable were able to continue to put the hurt on. After the conflict had been resolved and the unconscious revived, our heroes of Smoke’s Flame were able to take inventory of items that had been collected in this room. The deceased Zain-Kin from the floor above had tumbled down along with the floor when that had collapsed due to rubble and cascading waters from the many floors above, their gear still intact. Within the golden chest the Bat God had initially been resting upon were many items the entity had collected. Most notable among them was a large shield sized golden door complete with a single keyhole in it’s faces center. On the underside of this was a ritual to unlock the door, provided one didn’t have the key. The ritual was to have a blood sacrifice of a possible terminal outcome. The heroes gathered the booty and sought a sanctuary within this dark cathedral. Once found, after finding a large room full of bones and Neither destroying a large crystal in the piles center they eventually found a room that seemed fairly defensible and safe. They managed to rest long enough to regather their demeanor and had decided to figure out this door. Ajrash prepared a ritual of Sending in order to inform Lady Madeline and the others of the outcome thus far and that it should be as safe as it will be for them to make their way to the surface of Punjar. Once this had been done and all prepared Vellen inserted the arcane key he initially gathered many months prior off of the Beggar-King, still charged with the eldritched magics of the Kingspire. The door opened as Vellen thought of a single location, Mag Daluer. The portal looked unto another realm and the heroes stepped through, it’s planar rift closing behind them, leaving the five Smoke’s Flame standing alone in a vast cavern and without that golden door, they were stuck. Who knows what’s in store for Smoke’s Flame from here on out, but Neither’s salvation is being sought, thankfully.



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