Smoke’s Flame is the title of a handful of heroes traversing the known streets and hidden alleys of the famous, or at least infamous, city of Punjar. Punjar is a city rife with seedy characters and corruption. The cast of characters are from all walks of life, much like the surroundings they find themselves in. Often dealing with the more unsavory of “employers”, or more accurately referred to as gangsters. Now our heroes might not find themselves in their marks bedrooms dropping off severed horse heads or the like, but they’re not exactly squeaky clean either. Fore if one is to survive in this city, they must adapt and become a cog in its workings.

A D&D 4E campaign set in the city of Punjar (Goodman Games). Four heroes traverse criminal syndicates and supernatural threats as they make their mark on the “Tarnished Jewel” of the Known Realms.

Smoke's Flame--Adventures in Punjar

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